Give Pony Rides at Your Child’s Next Party!

All Year  •  Safe  •  Fun  •  Exciting  •  Entertaining  •  Affordable

Ponies-R-Us will bring our ponies to delight your child.
We offer memories that your children will cherish for a lifetime.

Pony parties are great at some of the following events:

  • Birthdays
  • Kindergarden Graduations
  • Holiday Parades
  • Fair/Circus
  • Church Socials
  • Business Grand Openings
  • Store Promotions
  • Family Reunions

Party PoniesPonies-R-Us is lovingly operated by Sherry Matta Shimel, an authentic cowgirl.  Sherry was born and raised on a local cattle ranch and still resides high in the hills of Contra Costa County.

Sherry founded Ponies-R-Us in the Spring of 1996 and has been successfully making children’s parties and special events a dream come true.

Sherry remembers her childhood of yearly roundups with the smell of a hot crackling fire, the heat of branding irons, and summertime horse shows and barrel racing events.  Her years of memorable horseback riding experience brought her to create Ponies-R-Us to delight children.

You can give your child the gift of a lifetime!  Contact Sherry today!